Do you have problems or questions to our “Where the hell are you” app?

Here are some frequently asked questions:


How do I get more contacts to my contact list?

We sync your contact list. This means, that every friend (who is in your smartphones contact list) will automatically appear as “Where the hell are you” contact when he/she signs up.


Some of my contacts are not being synced. Why is that?

One issue that sometimes happens is, that people sign up with a wrong number (intentionally or intentionally). We do not verify your number in any way,  so those contacts can not be matched and will therefore not appear in any of their friends contact list.


In your app description you claim that the contact sync happens in a non-disclosing way. What does that mean?

We respect our users privacy. To match phone numbers, we do not send your contacts phone numbers directly to our serve. Instead we hash the numbers and only forward this hashed data to our server. So no actual contact information leaves your device. We only can tell if hash A is the same as hash B and therefore those two numbers must have been the same, so its a match.


Is it possible to find out where somebody is, without him picking up my call?

No, the location sharing is bound to an active call. As soon as the call is accepted the first position data is exchanged. When the call is over, the location sharing is ended.


If you have any further questions, please contact us via our support email address on the app store, or make use of our feedback feature inside the app itself.